Saturday, 1 March 2014


Getting into reading and collecting comics can seem difficult to the newcomer, especially terms, codes and jargon that new readers may need to know...

Finding a good place to start a comic is difficult.  Even a #1 can (and often does) continue on from another comic, series or event.  Most of the time the comic companies make it difficult to know which are and which aren't good stepping on points.  Marvel changed all that but adding a banner to their relaunched titles.  But once again, this is comic code.  Regular readers will get it, but it's meaningless to those new to comics.  So let's look at the code:  Marvel Now!

New writers, new artists, new directions, sometimes even new characters.

Marvel Now!

Since July 2012,  following the events of the Avengers vs X-Men event, the code at Marvel for the relaunch of a title has been Marvel Now!

Marvel Now! Wave 2

A reinvigoration of the title in Marvel 2013.

All-New Marvel Now!

For comics relaunched in the aftermath of the Infinity storyline.  Some include All New in the comic book title.

~ DUG.

 This blog is an attempt to help those new to comics understand them more.  If anything needs clarifying, please comment.


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