Saturday, 1 October 2016

FIRST ISSUES [BASED ON NOVELS] - October to December 2016.

New comic books for book fans.  Some first issues to get you started.

Comics based on the works of Douglas Adams, Peter David, Ian Fleming, Stephen King, Joe Hart, Robert Louis Stevenson.

October 2016


  • The Dark Tower: The Drawing of Three - Sailor #1 (of 5) [Marvel]  Based on the Stephen King novels.  Mature Readers.
  • James Bond: Hammerhead #1 (of 6)  [Dynamite]  Based on the Ian Fleming character.


  • Dominion: Last Sacrifice #1 (of 4)  [Jet City]  Based on Joe Hart's Dominion trilogy.


  • Dirk Gently: Salmon of a Doubt #1 [IDW]  Based on Douglas Adam's unfinished novel.
  • Tesla & Hyde: Scary Fails #1  [Big City]

December 2016


  • Artful #1 [Action Lab]  Adaptation of Peter David's novel.

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